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Kathleen Roy

Rick Martin

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Joli Design was founded by Kathleen Roy and Rick Martin, both experienced web designers.

Kathleen Roy has a B.A. in French studies and a Certificate in Web Design, Development and Maintenance.

Rick Martin has a B.Sc. and a Certificate in Web Design, Development and Maintenance.

Being bilingual, we can provide a French version [en français] for your website.

You'll find us really easy to work with.

We'll deliver a high quality product, and you'll see that our prices are quite reasonable!

Joli Design is dedicated to creating clean-looking, readable and enjoyable web pages. Our philosophy includes the following ideas:
Web pages should be easy to read and visually appealing. Links should be easy to see, understand and use.

Designs can be funky or elegant, depending on the feel you want. We can provide many examples.

Clear communication is what a web page is all about. We edit all pages to ensure readability and correctness, and of course we discuss proposed changes with you.

We believe in artistic and technical growth, and in freely exchanging ideas with other web professionals and graphic designers.